Practice a patient-focused and evidence-based medicine.


Search for independent and impartial sources of evidence, while cautiously treating information disseminated by profit-making entities (i.e. pharmaceutical and biomedical industries).


Critically appraise contents available in the medical literature, as well as recommendations from key opinion leaders and expert panels, which hold financial ties with the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.


Abstain from pharmaceutical advertising and marketing, particularly refraining from medical detailing, gifts, sponsorships, or any sort of prescription incentives, thus avoiding conflict of interest within the clinical practice.


Promote the awareness that scientific societies, medical publications and educational activities should not receive funding from the pharmaceutical, medical devices and food industries.


Maintain an updated practice through instances of continuous medical education financed independently from the pharmaceutical and biomedical devices industries.


Promote the development of public policies informed by the best available evidence, free of conflicts of interest.


Advocate for the role of research carried out by the State and non-profit organizations, as well as promoting adequate regulation and transparency regarding clinical research funded by the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry.

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